A new and innovative rotor blade connection concept with which bushings can be reproducibly glued into a drilled hole in the GRP under vacuum.

Alternatively, the bushings glued into a GFRP wedge can also be inserted as a prefab component into the layer structure of the rotor blade. Thus, the ADC.Bushing offers all freedom for the design of a rotor blade connection or a blade-to-blade connection.

In addition, the concept can also be used to repair defective bushings. After drilling out the defective bushing, the ADC.Bushing is simply inserted into the drilled hole and bonded with the aid of the fully automatic infusion tool. Real-size pull-out tests on repaired blade connection segments show higher strength than the original bushings.

With a weight of only 1400 g, the ADC.Bushing enables a connection that can withstand an pull-out force of 750 kN. With a segment size of only 70 x 70 mm, a very light connection can be realized. Of course, the system can be customized to increase the required tensile force.

The system is suitable for both epoxy and polyether based fiber composite materials.

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